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A balance bike is the perfect start for the striving young cyclist.  With both feet planted firmly on the ground your child will have the confidence to push themselves along and learn the fundamentals of balancing on two wheels.  This means a more natural progression in riding when they’re ready to make the leap to a traditional bicycle.

The frame is a single bamboo tube.  It’s more than strong enough to support an adult.  In fact it’s so strong you’ll likely be saving it for the next generation.  The rear is constructed of four separate tubes, more authentically replicating the appearance of a traditional bicycle so your child has the joy of being just like you when out for a ride.

Most importantly the bicycle is designed to grow with its rider.  Both the seat and handlebars have a large degree of adjustment.  Each bike comes equipped with a brake.  And for when your child’s too tired to ride around, there’s a convenient handle on the seat for easier carrying.

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Our standard, small-batch frame featuring custom geometry.  A comfortable ride with 8 speeds for tackling most terrain.

Parts include: Steel unicrown fork,  aluminum stem and bamboo bar, front brake (not pictured),  children’s saddle with built-in handle for easy carrying, 12″ aluminum alloy wheels, CST pneumatic tires.

Suitable for children aged 2 to 5.  Adjustable seat and handlebar height allows for quick changes as the little one grows up.  Questions about the sizing?  Contact us!

Designed for the cyclists’ kid looking to get an early start.

For quality assurance, please check out our full warranty. If you have questions, get in touch using our contact form.


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