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On gratitude and how to make it stick.

Happy Thanksgiving

We’ve been in the bike game for some time.  Countless communities in countless cities, states and countries.  The most consistent thing you’ll find from place to place is an undying grassroots support for the community.

Whether it’s polo, touring, MTB or commuting, there’s always an entity at the heart that binds people.  Sometimes it’s just an individual, but oftentimes its a business.  Small and medium sized businesses make the bicycle community thrive.  They act as a dense mass at the center of a solar system around which everyone can spin.

When Cyclocross Nationals were kiboshed last January, it was (then) Austin-based cycle blogger The Radavist that brought in the backup, with Crash Nationals to fill the void of the actual race.

Recently our friends in Shanghai, Factory Five, put their time and energies into bringing to China for the first time ever the Bicycle Film Festival.  This was a huge, difficult step towards dismantling modern attitude towards bicycles in China as an outmoded tool for plebes.

Or there’s Free Parable Design.  They’ve been an active roll in helping keep alive one of the smallest, most isolated polo communities in the world. Never mind they’ve worked thanklessly to throw one of the coolest polo tournaments the world over for several years running.

These are people and organizations of varying sizes but sharing in a singular objective: to support the cycling community and cultivate a deeper culture that cyclists of all stripes can share.

And it doesn’t stop there.  You’ll often hear any avid bike geek grumbling about supporting your local bike shop.  Why?  Because they’re generally working really damn hard to bring riders the opportunity to get out and share their experience and joy of riding with other people.

The point of this entire tirade?  Take inspiration to action.  It’s easy to take for granted all the cool things that we as cyclists have on our plate.  The equipment, the rides and races, the people and places.  But for a change, don’t just give the old “right on!” nod of appreciation.  Try getting your hands dirty.  Ask how you can help or just take over and try it for yourself.

Any opportunity we’ve had to ride or get others riding has never been regrettable and we think you’ll discover the same too.

Lastly in our own way of saying thanks to those who’ve supported us over the years we’ll be extending a discount to everyone.  Any order placed, just use the code “IHEARTBIKES” when checking out for an added 20% off.  We’re only running this offer til the end of 2015.

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