About Source Cycles

Source Cycles is a Chengdu, Sichuan based bamboo bicycle frame builder.  Our priority is to offer cyclists an eye-catching, sustainable ride that elegantly blends form and function. Pair the act of riding with a bike that gives back in more than one way.

Source Cycles

We developed our construction methods and materials to deliver a better bike. Additionally, we source most of our materials from in and around Chengdu.  If it’s not fully custom, our small-batch production methods insure that all our frames are built with a personal touch.

Most importantly for us, bamboo bicycles are a pursuit of passion.  We hope to share our love for cycling through the bicycles we create.  From the start we have worked closely with an array of unique people.  From farmers to engineers, artists to commuters, our relations helped us to develop our technique in an organic way.  We have built our bikes from the ground up.

Riding is not necessarily about the destination, but the journey.  In celebration of the journey, we build our bamboo frames to support you every step of the way. The design and crafting of each bicycle is as important as the person on it.  And it’s this we hope to share with you.

Source Cycles bamboo

Materials & Craft

All bikes are hand-built by trained experts using processes honed through experience.  Our tooling and methods bring a high degree of consistency to the processing and production of bamboo frames.  From bamboo selection and drying, frame lay-up to finishing, we are able to construct a bike that looks and rides unlike any other.

As a result you have a frame that will offer the ride quality you would expect of any traditional material.  But better because you’re helping the environment, even before you begin riding.

Source Cycles frame

Stock & Custom Frames

No two people are alike and as such, the same should be said of bikes.  We utilize small-batch production techniques to guarantee consistency and quality, bringing a personal touch to the making of each of our bikes.

If a standard run bike doesn’t quite fit your needs we also offer full custom frame design.  We work closely with our customers and apply individual measurements and input in order to craft a bike that will work in perfect harmony with you, its rider. A match made in heaven.