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Bamboo makes a fine fabric

Bamboo Fabric Shirt

Recently saw this shirt for sale over at Showers Pass.  What looks like an ordinary henley shirt is actually a mix of pure material genius.  The fabric is a 50/50 blend of merino wool and bamboo.

Merino wool is known in sports attire due to its desirable traits: it wicks sweat, regulates temperature, is soft and dries quickly.

Bamboo fabric on the other hand is relatively new to the sportswear scene.  Most don’t even know bamboo can be processed into a fabric.  But it sports a number of awesome traits that make it a wonder to wear.

  • Sustainable.  Bamboo grows fast, using a third the amount of water as cotton.
  • Comfortable.  Bamboo is fibrous.  The fibers are round and lack spurs like other natural fibers so it’s not abrasive.  That means bamboo fabric is ultra soft.
  • Cuts the funk. Bamboo fiber has a natural antimicrobial agent that helps prevent odors.
  • Absorbent.   Bamboo fiber can hold a lot of water.  This means it provides good wicking action and won’t get soaking wet like a cotton fabric.
  • Light & Strong.  Bamboo fibers are long.  There’s not the same darning action as cotton or wool so it makes for a real even fabric.

It’s real tough to top nature’s design.  Products like this are another reason we love to be working with bamboo.

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