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Bicycles & Marriage…

Go together like a horse and carriage.  This bike was custom-built for our buddy Matt in Shanghai as a gift from his caring girlfriend.  Let’s just say he loved his new bamboo ride so much he couldn’t help but ask his girlfriend to marry him.

Matt's Bamboo Bike with Integrated Rack

Custom integrated rack feature on our standard Bamboo 8 geometry frame.

Matt's Bamboo Bike with Integrated Rack

Romantic lighting makes for fine bicycle photography.

Congratulations to Matt and his fiancé!  Here’s to many smooth miles on the tandem bicycle tour that is marital bliss.

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  1. Thanks a million guys, the bike has nearly done its first 500km. The pack rack is perfect – I’ve delivered 16 bottles De Bortoli’s finest to a customer in desperate need so it holds up well. The Alfine gears are a match for most electric scooters and the Brooks saddle, whilst a luxury, does add just the right amount of “look at me”. My favourite moment was heading down to the local cop-shop to re-register and having old Seargent Wang insist on a photo with it – he even threw up the peace sign… Gold. I love it. Shanghai loves it. Oh and yeah, she said yes…

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