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Out riding.


We’ll be spending the next week in the rooftop of the world, Tibet, racing mountain bikes with our buddies at Factory Five.  We’ve put together a special bamboo race whip, but we’ll talk about it more later.  Check back in for ride updates, videos and more coverage of our travels.

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Let ’em loose.

Jon Getting Air

We’d been on Jon’s radar for a little while before he finally decided to go for it and see to getting his own custom frame built.  27.5″ wheels give is decent handling on technical climbs but are large enough to suck up rough terrain on a fast and loose downhill.

Towering at nearly two meters tall (6 foot and a few inches!), Jon is built like a linebacker and his frame was done up to match the punishment he’d be dishing out.  Not to mention he picked out a smooth components package to complement the ride.  Keep an eye out for this whip tearing up trails in the Bay Area!

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Source Cycles found its way to ChinaFile.


The conversation won’t move forward without innovative companies on the ground doing the tinkering and marketing needed to make bamboo a desirable product—companies such as Source Cycles … Their resulting bicycles are as sturdy as they are beautiful. That they’re sourced from a country such as China, where harsh pollution regularly makes headlines, makes them all the more appealing to the growing global tribe of eco-friendly and action-oriented citizens of our shared Earth.

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In all its good graces.

Good graces bamboo bike

Good graces bamboo bike

This bike looks like it’d be best suited for short trips around town.  Maybe you could toss some light groceries in the basket and breezily wheel the short trips between errands.  It’s best not to judge a book by it’s cover, though.  With the svelte style of a European city bike, this mixte has all the accoutrements of a long distance bike.

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Sweet sixteen.

Sweet sixteen

Sweet sixteen

We love bikes and the culture surrounding them.  They’re simple, beautiful, and useful.  Unfortunately sometimes we feel ourselves at odd in a society which heralds the car as the universal symbol for freedom and mobility.  Sure, cars are a great convenience, but they come at a cost.  They consume a good deal more resources, energy, space and more often than not are treated with a casual disregard despite the inherit dangers of piloting a giant, fast moving machine.

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The new mud buddy.

Mud buddy


Bamboo mud buddy

I finally got around to building up a bike that suits my recent riding style. I haven’t been inspired to do long grinds on the road bike, nor have I wanted to throw myself into the thrum of city traffic. Instead I’ve taken to searching for those backroads, broken and muddy, to find a little solace on the bike.

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