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Details of the tall bike’s finish.

Bamboo Detail

You may have caught yourself oogling at the pictures of the tall bike and wondering why exactly it was so striking.

The answer is straightforward:  we tried a new trick with the finishing.  Beyond just prepping the surface for a clear coat, we stripped the bamboo of it’s cuticle exposing the grain beneath.

This not only highlights the grain of the bamboo but makes the natural tones of the bamboo really pop when given a clear coat.  So we decided to play nice and share a few more photos of its finish!

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Bamboo Guru: Sandeep Sangaru

Bamboo Guru Bamboo Guru

Sangaru is widely known for his work with design, furniture and bamboo. He had this to say about bamboo:

“I was exposed to bamboo in its totality, where the way of life of the natives was bamboo.  This exposure to how a single material that is so very basic can be used in so many different ways, forms and applications was extraordinary.”

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