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Details of the tall bike’s finish.

Bamboo Detail

You may have caught yourself oogling at the pictures of the tall bike and wondering why exactly it was so striking.

The answer is straightforward:  we tried a new trick with the finishing.  Beyond just prepping the surface for a clear coat, we stripped the bamboo of it’s cuticle exposing the grain beneath.

This not only highlights the grain of the bamboo but makes the natural tones of the bamboo really pop when given a clear coat.  So we decided to play nice and share a few more photos of its finish!


Bottle Bosses

In addition to that we’re tinkering with a new set of techniques to really make the joints shine.  The results are definitely a step in the right direction in terms of appearance and also create a smoother transition from the joint to the tubing.

Joint finish

Rear Monostay Detail

Got to love eye candy.

2 thoughts on “Details of the tall bike’s finish.

  1. Looks really beautiful. I had a look at this bike last night at Machu Picchu, and although the finish was mentioned by Larry I could not examine the details that are apparent here in this post. Awesome job.

    1. Definitely need to have good light on it to make the finish pop.

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