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Nice shirt!

Was too busy staring at this bike to notice our friend Frank’s shirt.  It’s funny how easy you can tell bike folk apart from the clothes we wear.  Here’s to many smooth miles!

First order of business:  Ride it home.
First order of business: Ride it home.

4 thoughts on “Nice shirt!

  1. I like Frank’s bike. Nice! How many chain rings does it have? If I’m counting the casette correctly, the bike looks like it sports possible 27 gears, if 3 chain rings.

    1. Shimano 105 compact double. Meaning the front chain rings are 50 / 34. This is the 2015 5800 series so all the equipment is 11 speed. 2×11 for a total of 22 gears. The rear cassette goes up to a monstrous 32 tooth cog. Plenty of gear range for any kind of riding.

      1. Is the Shimano 105 Compact Double with 11-gear casette a lot lighter than an 11-speed integral rear hub?

        1. The 105 2×11 group set weighs in under the 11 speed Alfine. The advantage plays out in wear. The 105 group is a pared down version of their race line. It functions beautifully and is lightweight without the cost of a higher-end group set. The Alfine 11 is designed to be durable, dependable and generally maintenance free.

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