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Queen of the Bike Raffle Champion

This post was first published on Natooke.

We’re super proud of all the women who volunteered their blood, sweat, tears and time to participate last October’s Queen of the Bike competition put on by Natooke Chengdu.

The results were stunning.  There was no way anyone could anticipate the feats that these women undertook in riding for the glory of being crowned the Queen.  Two women even broke the 1200 kilometer mark throughout the 22 day event!

This is not to say that there wasn’t other amazing achievements.  We heard grueling tales of rides in the cold and the rain, riding through sickness and bad air, and riding through injury or accident.

There were also plenty more positive tales in which these women found camaraderie through competition.  New friends were made and adventures were forged out of the common goal to get out and ride.

Two women even undertook the fabled “target ride”, a complete 120 kilometer circuit of the third, second and first ring roads of Chengdu, wrapped up with a final lap around Tianfu Square.

This is why we are very pleased to present the grand prize, provided by Source Cycles, raffled to competitors that met the competition requirements.  This complete, one-of-a-kind bamboo bike was built to order for Annie, the lucky lady who made it a point to get out and ride.

Featuring an Alfine 8 internally geared hub, lightweight components and a simple color scheme, this bike is looking to be a nice upgrade from her beloved competition bike—a rebuilt Forever bicycle.

To Annie and all the others out there that put themselves on the road day after day, all we can ask is keep it up!  You’re an inspiration to the people around you.  That said, ride on!

3 thoughts on “Queen of the Bike Raffle Champion

  1. Nice raffle prize! The Bamboo 8 is a very sweet ride! Thanks for the inspiration from all Queens and Kings of the Bike. May you indulge in plentiful hydration at St. Pat’s Friday Night Ride! I’ll be with you in spirit. Erv in Albuquerque

    1. Yes, we were happy to sponsor the event. The raffle was also a great way to stay inclusive to all the amazing women who participated and got themselves in the saddle through the duration.

  2. Your Queen of the Bike competition looks like a great event. Nice job!

    Frank Morris
    Walt’s Bike Shop
    Columbia, Mo. USA

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