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Racing Tibet re-cap: Day 3.


We woke up to a cold steady rain. As the weather slowly broke over the morning a few set out to ride, only to get caught in the elements a few hours in. The rest of us who delayed would not regret the decision to sit in a couple extra hours.


Later that afternoon after the rain broke, a few of us set off and rode a stretch of road that Morten and Robbie had come across earlier that day. We were hoping to get a few photos and explore the area a bit before that evening’s pre-race meeting. As we climbed the sky split open. Thick blankets of rain-laden clouds ripped open to reveal blue sky above. The mountains began to peek through their covers and the occasional burst of light began blowing up bright snow-covered faces.



We climbed through an isolated village, before dropping down onto an old herding trail that cut its way down the mountain. The trail itself was riddled with puddles and totally saturated making for a slippery ride. If this was any indication, the next day’s race would be wet and wild. This would definitely shake things up.


Before long we decided it best to turn round so we could make it back in time to clean up and eat before our meeting. Our legs sated, we made quick work descending the steep climb we’d just hobbled up. We made our way back to town just as the sun came blasting through the canyon, drying out our mud-covered clothes.


Once we cleaned up we made our way to the pre-race intro meeting and laughed as our group was issued our day one starting positions. For most of us it was looking like we’d have to climb from the back of the pack.

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