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Bamboo Guru: Sandeep Sangaru

Bamboo Guru Bamboo Guru

Sangaru is widely known for his work with design, furniture and bamboo. He had this to say about bamboo:

“I was exposed to bamboo in its totality, where the way of life of the natives was bamboo.  This exposure to how a single material that is so very basic can be used in so many different ways, forms and applications was extraordinary.”

Read the full interview here!


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Bamboo Lattice

Our friends at Factory Five are big fans of quality bikes, parts and equipment.  They’re the cool cats behind the Lattice Chainring, one of the lightest, most stylish track chain rings on the market.

They recently spotted our most recent post and were moved to do a little write-up on how well their ring goes with our bamboo frames.  Match made in heaven if you ask us.

Be sure to follow their blog!

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Bicycles & Marriage…

Go together like a horse and carriage.  This bike was custom-built for our buddy Matt in Shanghai as a gift from his caring girlfriend.  Let’s just say he loved his new bamboo ride so much he couldn’t help but ask his girlfriend to marry him.

Matt's Bamboo Bike with Integrated Rack

Custom integrated rack feature on our standard Bamboo 8 geometry frame.

Matt's Bamboo Bike with Integrated Rack

Romantic lighting makes for fine bicycle photography.

Congratulations to Matt and his fiancé!  Here’s to many smooth miles on the tandem bicycle tour that is marital bliss.

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We’ll do local pick-up.

Our shipping rates are tough to beat.  But for some, it’s just worth the trip to Chengdu to see where it all started.  Don’t believe us?  Here are a couple happy customers with their new bamboo bikes.

Aaron of Oz & His Bamboo Road Bike

Aaron of Oz and his brand new Shimano 105 equipped road bike.

Louis of Louisville & His Bamboo Fixed Gear

Louis of Louisville and his sweet new bamboo fixed gear.  This one’s a real show-stopper.

Note the grins these guys got going on.