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Pro tips on cycling form.

Cycling is a poise of strength and technique.  Every motion on the bike can be broken down into a beautiful form, repetitive yet striking, like watching a painter sculpt a landscape stroke-by-stroke with a brush.  That said, I wished I’d learned the right way to blow a snot rocket earlier on.  It’s a messy skill to get just right without a little coaching.

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Spring into your summer riding.


Spring bike rides can mean so many things – the start of a new year after a long winter, a fresh beginning, the first steps into a new plan to get fit. Whether you’re just getting out of the house to enjoy nice weather, or you’re pushing yourself to start your interval exercises on transitional days of snow and sleet to be ready for spring racing – bike rides in the first days of Spring can be wonderful. The window is now wide open for getting in shape, and unless you live in paradise, the weather can be a bit tenuous, so here are four recommendations for orienting yourself towards spring bike rides.

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On gratitude and how to make it stick.

Happy Thanksgiving

We’ve been in the bike game for some time.  Countless communities in countless cities, states and countries.  The most consistent thing you’ll find from place to place is an undying grassroots support for the community.

Whether it’s polo, touring, MTB or commuting, there’s always an entity at the heart that binds people.  Sometimes it’s just an individual, but oftentimes its a business.  Small and medium sized businesses make the bicycle community thrive.  They act as a dense mass at the center of a solar system around which everyone can spin.

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