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New steed in the stable.


Our pal Todd has an extensive history with bicycles. From a young age he’s been an ultra avid rider, has raced road and still to this day, despite being a family man that’s also often caught up with business, makes regular time to ride.

Over the past few years we had the fortune to service a few of his bikes which naturally meant we got to pick his brain about anything bikes. An integral figure in the early Chinese recreational bicycling scene he’s responsible for helping Trek get their foot in the door as well as cooperating to help build a bevy of local clubs, races and organizations.

His collection of bikes is also nothing to scoff at. Everything from custom hand built steel race frames to former pro race rigs we’ve seen and heard of half a dozen of his prized rides. And finally, we get to join the ranks.  Continue reading New steed in the stable.

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We’ll do local pick-up.

Our shipping rates are tough to beat.  But for some, it’s just worth the trip to Chengdu to see where it all started.  Don’t believe us?  Here are a couple happy customers with their new bamboo bikes.

Aaron of Oz & His Bamboo Road Bike

Aaron of Oz and his brand new Shimano 105 equipped road bike.

Louis of Louisville & His Bamboo Fixed Gear

Louis of Louisville and his sweet new bamboo fixed gear.  This one’s a real show-stopper.

Note the grins these guys got going on.