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The new mud buddy.

Mud buddy


Bamboo mud buddy

I finally got around to building up a bike that suits my recent riding style. I haven’t been inspired to do long grinds on the road bike, nor have I wanted to throw myself into the thrum of city traffic. Instead I’ve taken to searching for those backroads, broken and muddy, to find a little solace on the bike.

Bamboo mud buddy

Bamboo mud buddy

These jaunts demand a bike that handles well in an array of conditions, from freshly paved roads to overgrown dirt tracks. The part selection reflects the overbuilt nature of a tank. H+Son Eero rims and a pair of 180mm disc rotors, because why the hell not? Go big or go home.


Bamboo mud buddy

The Alfine 11 gives me more than enough gear to swing the transitions between steep downhills and even steeper uphills. Brooks grips with a matching Brooks Professional keep me comfy (and look pretty bitchin’).


Bamboo mud buddy

All-in-all it’s not like any other bike I’ve ever owned. It doesn’t feel like the nimble, agile steeds I’ve spent my time on in the past, but it wasn’t designed to fit that bill. Rather it holds its own like a hammer begging to put a nail in its place and I’m very much looking forward to many more long, rugged rides on it.

Bamboo mud buddy

Bamboo mud buddy

6 thoughts on “The new mud buddy.

  1. Is this your new personal bike? If so, nice!

    1. This is a personal bike. Haven’t had time to build my own since prototyping. Hands down the nicest bike I own now!

  2. Does the bamboo come clean okay? Sustained exposure to chemical soap doesn’t do any damage?

    1. Good question! It cleans up just fine. We’ve upgraded the finish and give it a good thick clear coat. Durable, it holds up to a good pressure washing. As for soaps, degreasers, etc. it’s like anything. As long as you don’t let it set there’s no issue. Granted if someone set their frame in a chemical bath for several hours and let it ruin it’d be outside of warranty!

  3. Very cool. That’ll be a game-changer for you.

    1. I’ve always ridden around on bikes with racier geometries. I like nimble handling so going with a geometry with more relaxed angles took a little getting used to, but it’s such a smooth ride at the end of the day. Just took a couple days to figure out how to adjust my line in traffic.

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